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Gold Accumulation Plans

Get a 50% of profitability in your gold investments

From only 100€ you can start in the gold investment sector

Thanks to our gold accumulation plans, you can buy gold of 24 carats with an important discount just only recommending them to other people our plans.
You have different investment plans from 100€ to 5.000€, so you can choose the plan that better adapted to your needs.
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Gold Purchase Program

Gold Puchase with Delayed Delivery

Get a 7% or 18% of profitability from 1000€

Purchase of pure gold of 24 carats, you pay the total amount at the beginning.
You make a gold purchase and the delivery of gold takes in 6 or 12 months, according to the modality of the plan chosen.

The company rewards me for the delay in the delayed delivery of gold. The reward will depend on the time established of the gold delivery.

Goldbex Franchising

Learn Financial Education

For only 160 € you can become a franchisee of the company and start today your business in the gold sector and financial education through Internet.

Besides, contracting your franchising you will get an official website in order to start your business, a Master of Financial Education composed of 20+ classes and coaching area with audiobooks, videos and training materials.

  • Earning for each sale of Franchising pack.
  • Access to Career Plan and be promoted inside of the company.
  • Enter in our programme Infinity Bonus and get royalties from 1% to 7,5% for your team turnover.